Kevin – Guitar

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Kevin Holland as a guitar instructor. Kevin’s knowledge and expertise in guitar techniques, improvisation, production, and recording will prove invaluable to students at all stages of musical development. He is honest, dependable, hard-working, and he genuinely cares about people. Beyond that, he is someone who loves teaching and fostering a positive, supportive environment.”

– J. L.

“Walking out of my first lesson with Kevin, I felt like I finally was going in the right direction. Through talking with me and both of us playing a little bit, Kevin was able to assess my skill level and put a specific plan in place for me. I’m impressed with Kevin’s vast musical knowledge but more importantly his ability to really listen to his students and impart his knowledge to them in a fun and very encouraging environment.”

– A. C.

“Kevin Holland is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person. I studied classical guitar with Kevin from age seven to seventeen, and I continue to value the musical skill and expression I learned while in lessons with him. As my skills grew and my interests expanded, he ensured I continued to progress with classical guitar, but given his knowledge and wide skill set, he was able to help me explore jazz, improvisation, and music theory. Kevin is kind, understanding, smart, creative, and a wonderful teacher. Music is his life, and I am so glad he made music a part of mine.”

– E. N.

“I studied guitar under Kevin Holland for many years.  Kevin was a patient, gentle, but efficient instructor, parsing out the parts I needed to work on, sharing technique, and best of all, demonstrating how it could be done.  Watching him play would inspire me all over again.  With Kevin’s encouragement and coaching, I acquired the confidence and level of musicianship to play publicly.  I played guitar at another wedding just a few weeks ago.  Kevin is a gifted, versatile, and inspiring teacher and musician. I would recommend him to anyone interested in learning to play guitar, regardless of their current experience level or area of interest.”

– R. W.

“Kevin is, quite simply, the best guitar teacher I have ever had. He combines incredible musicianship with a passion for advancing his students’ abilities. Kevin is thorough in assessing students’ skills, exploring their goals, and developing a plan to pursue those goals. Kevin takes copious notes during lessons and refers to them frequently to ensure that the student is progressing. While he is very organized, Kevin is not rigid. He lists the different subjects being worked on, and allows the student to choose the direction of the day’s lesson. This creates a low-stress environment which encourages creativity and growth. I cannot recommend Kevin strongly enough. He is fantastic!”

– J. N.

Jennifer – Piano

“Jennifer has taught my daughter Bella piano for over a year now. We do virtual lessons. I can’t recommend her enough! If you are thinking of playing, or have always wanted to try, this is your chance! Jen is a teacher at heart, but is also a gifted pianist as well.”

– J. T.

“As an adult student I could not be more pleased with Jennifer as a piano instructor. She is able to work with any level of student and at any desired pace. I began a little over 1.5 years ago as a novice and my progress has been faster and stronger than I ever could have imagined. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennifer to any of my friends looking to begin or continue their piano ventures. Most importantly, I always leave my lessons with a smile on my face, excited to continue my practice.”

– J. A

“Jennifer is not only a gifted piano teacher, she is a wonderful person and has become a good friend!  As an adult student who had gotten away from the piano, she really took the fear out of starting up again.  She is helping me grow by teaching me new music, including a “stretch” piece that I was desperate to learn, and some music theory and improvisational techniques that are proving very helpful to me!  If you’ve ever even thought about taking piano lessons you should definitely give it a go with Jennifer! “

– B. T.