On this page, you will find various downloads that supplement your lessons.
Ask your teacher if you are not sure
which item(s) you need.


• Blank notation •
Blank standard notation paper
Blank tablature paper
Blank standard notation & tablature paper
Blank chord charts
Blank Fretboard Diagram

• Chords •
Open chords
E root barres and moveable shapes
A root barres and moveable shapes
Seventh Chords
7th Chords on the Upper 4 Strings

• Scales •
Pentatonic scales
Minor Pentatonic with “Blue” Notes
F major & minor scales
Mode charts
Modes explained
Guitar Scale as Map

• Arpeggios •
G Major Arpeggios
A minor Arpeggios

• Exercises •
Chromatic Exercises
Major & Minor Scales in 3rds
Major Scale Sequencing
Minor Scale Sequencing
Pentatonic Scale Sequencing
Pentatonic 2-String Exercises
Pentatonic Connectivity Exercises
Right Hand Arpeggio Patterns
Constant 8th Note Improv
J & K Guitar Workout

• Theory •
Finding Notes in a Major Key
Finding Harmonies in a Major Key
Notes in a Major Key Exercise
Finding Notes in a Minor Key
Finding Harmonies in a Minor Key
Notes in a Minor Key Exercise
 Chords In Scales
Building Triads
Building Triads Via Shortcuts
Triads And Intervals
Intro to Seventh Chords
Harmony Reference Sheet
Solfege Intro
Singer Songwriter Toolbox

Quarter Note Subdivisions

• Composition •
Harmonizing Melody 001
Harmonizing Melody 002
Harmonizing Melody 003
Harmonizing Melody 004
Creating Melody 001
Creating Melody 002
Creating Melody 003
Creating Melody 004


Ukulele Starter Kit
Ukulele Root A/G Barres
Ukulele Root C Barres
Ukulele Blank Diagrams
Ukulele Blank Standard Notation and Tablature

• Piano •

Beginner Name That Note # 1
Beginner Name That Note # 2
Beginner Name That Note # 3
Intermediate Name That Note # 1
Intermediate Name That Note # 2
Advanced Name That Note (Bass Clef) # 1
Advanced Name That Note (Bass Clef) # 2
Advanced Name That Note (Both Clefs)