Jennifer Dutiel – Piano

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Jennifer has been playing piano since 1989, accompanying since 1990, and started teaching in 1996. She received her B.A . in Music from the Ohio State University in 2000, where she studied with Dr. Donald Gren.

Jennifer uses a combination of Suzuki and traditional methods, especially with beginning students. She has found that by using the Suzuki method initially, students begin making performance-quality music early on, since they do not have to focus on trying to read symbols for newly-introduced concepts. With a focus on proficiency and playing with feeling, students as young as 5 or 6 are playing beautifully with both hands. After students achieve a certain comfort level with the instrument she works with them to learn to read standard notation.

As students progress, they are given more options regarding pieces they would like to study. Some students choose classical repertoire and some choose more contemporary work. Her first priority is instilling the same level of love studying music in her students that she has had for years. By offering this flexibility in repertoire choice, students invariably meet with greater success as their excitement for the instrument and motivation comes from within, rather than as a result of outside pressure.

Jennifer has played music for varied special events for over 15 years. She studied piano, voice, and choral conducting at both Westminster College and The Ohio State University. Jennifer was an assistant musical director for three performed shows, is learning to play the cello, and has performed in improvisation-based ensembles on various instruments with her husband, Kevin.

Jennifer sings, plays melodica, synth, and ukulele, and writes music for two bands with her husband, Kevin.  October Ember is their dreamy lounge, Euro-cafe, quirky pop project, and Sineqube is their ambient and experimental music project.  Additionally, Jennifer sits in with various improvisors, and is a vocalist and puppeteer for Nick Weckman’s worm-themed rock opera, Worms Rise Up!.